About us

The Foundation is founded on the 17 October 2011 by Kim van Elderen, born in Best – The Netherlands in 1988. In 2009 she did an internship for 5 months in the Ejed Clinic in Kumba , Cameroon. She was so impressed by the beautifull country , that she decided to go back to Cameroon in 2010 after she graduated as a registered nurse. In that year she worked as a volunteer in many different hospitals and clinics. Before she even founded the Foundation, she already helped children by giving material to an orphanage and she improved the facilities in the Ejed Medical Foundation. But it was not easy to do all this as an individual and that is why Kim started the Foundation to give the children more help and more opportunities in life.

The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of children in Cameroon. The goal of the Foundation is global because the organisation wants to help in various areas such as health care, education and in the basic necessity of life.