Maternity ward

Needs For Children works closely together with the local clinic called Ejed Medical Foundation in Kumba. Whenever the foundation has a child who needs medical attention, the child is send to Ejed Clinic. But we faced a problem in the Ejed Clinic concerning the maternity. There were no facilities available for a woman to deliver a baby in a safe way.  Ejed Clinic did have a maternity department but it was closed for years since the building was old and there was no midwife. Needs For Children finds it important that a baby can be born in this world in a healthy way and with professionals around. So the organization did a whole renovation of the materinity ward in the Ejec Clinic and placed a midwife.

The Maternity department was opened again in 2014. There is a midwife who controls the department. She also goes to the remote areas to promote the facilities of Ejed Clinic.

But there is still a lot to improve to keep the quality of the maternity department high. Our goal is to help as many woman as possible to give them access to the facilities of the Maternity Ward and make them deliver the baby safe. Depending on the donations Needs For Children gets for this project, the costs will be as low as possible for the pregnant woman.

Cameroon is facing a crisis between Anglophone and Francophone area since 2017. Many girls are not going to school and because of that they end up hanging on the streets. The rate of young pregnant girls is getting higher. Needs For Children is trying to make it possible to allow these pregnant girls getting access to the facilities of the Maternity ward free of charge.