Policy plan

The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of live of children in Cameroon. The goal is what global because the organization wants to help in various areas such as health, education and in the first necessity of life.

The work of the Foundation goes through Board members, which don’t receive any fee but only for the expenses. One of the Board members regularly resides in Cameroon for long periods of time to personally oversee the spending of the funds of the Needs For Children Foundation.
Everyone has the duty to draw the attention of the target group(s) as described in the objective about the Foundation.
When a situation may occur for which the Foundation is being set up project plans created for a structural approach of the problem or the problems.

Recruitment funds

The Foundation has a small capacity, mostly gathered by the founders.
The Foundation seeks to achieve its goal, among others, by all legitimate means which may be conducive to the goal. Means obtaining probate or bequests, donations.

All Board members shall have responsibility for the various projects to recruit sufficient funds through actions, organizing events, accessing funds which a corresponding purpose.

Management and spending power

The Foundation manages the assets management and spending ability without risk. This means the stables of capability on/depositoaccounts in order to obtain an optimum interest savings.

The policy of the Foundation is focused on the ability to actually continuously for projects which are consistent with the purpose of the Foundation and as such are or will be determined by the Board.

Formatted an account of income and expenditure annually as well as the development of the ability.