Medical help to children

Needs For Children is committed to help children who need medical care. These children can be discovered by members of the team in villages or family themselves ask for help. Medical care is provided in the Ejed Clinic (also known as Ejed Medical Foundation), which works in collaboration with Needs For Children. Medical care is given according to a treatment plan that everybody agrees on. Before Needs For Children helps a child, a case study must be made to be sure that the family certainly has no means to help the child themselves. However, the family will also have to submit a very small percentage to ensure that care is optimal followed and that they are serious.

Some children still need physiotherapy after treatment. Needs For Children partners with the Presbyterian Community Rehabilitation Center who have professionals for that.

Needs For Children is also often called by the Kumba Government Hospital. They call when they have a child in their hospital whose family has no money and the child need direct treatment. The foundation started a collaboration to make this help possible. The hospital pays also a percentage to the treatment. In this way all parties work in cooperation to give the children the necessary medical assistance.